Psychotherapy helps you reflect on yourself and your life.

You may wonder why you tend to think, feel, or act in certain ways. For instance, perhaps you feel that something is holding you back in your professional or personal life. It may be difficult to identify exactly what that is. In psychotherapy, we can think together about this experience to understand it more fully.

As we progress in our work, we can identify patterns. For example, we may notice that it is often difficult for you to rely on others. We can think together about this tendency and where it comes from. It’s possible that early experiences influenced you to act in ways that were adaptive before, but are no longer adaptive now.

Psychotherapy helps you identify and understand patterns.

Psychotherapy helps you consider and initiate change.

We can consider whether you’d like to experience different ways of thinking, feeling, and acting. Our sessions are a unique opportunity to try these out, and then reflect on the process. For instance, if you want to open up more to others, we can explore how it feels to do so during our sessions. We may notice that certain feelings or thoughts inhibit your ability to talk. By paying attention to these experiences, we can initiate change both inside and outside of the psychotherapy room.

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